Tuesday, January 16, 2007
We'll, I'm back, the summer holidays are over so I'm home again with an Internet connection (and lots of email to catch up on, and this week lots of work too :(

Oddly the end of the summer holidays down here coincides with the start of summer, this odd state of affairs is the result of following slavishly the Northern Hemisphere dates for Christmas and New Year. [Cue reference to all those posts about the date of Jesus' birth, except that over the last few weeks I've hardly been reading blogs, most of the time with no Internet connection!]

Anyway I'm back and plan to start reading the posts that I've bookmarked from the last couple of months as I catch up! I'll probably post about a few over the next week or so. If yours is not mentioned, it probably got lost when I had a computer failure - yes, the trusty laptop has not been so trusty and crashed badly on me a day or two ago - I don't know quite what is missing... So if you though I might comment on a post of yours, and I don't then email me or it may slip into the crack between the dimensions of the electronic world, along with who knows how many vital emails full of good news!

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Name: Tim Bulkeley
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I prepared the prototype Hypertext Bible Commentary on Amos, (I am currently seeking authors for the online Bible Dictionary that will underlie future "volumes" in the series) and have a collection of photos of Israelite archaeological sites online, other projects include an online audio Bible podcast daily, and Minute Bible and audio Bible-blog.

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