Thursday, August 26, 2004
Stimulus - IT : Church : Society issue out at last::

One of my big projects for this year was "guest editing" an issue of the NZ Journal, Stimulus the issue is now out. Several bloggers and other denizens of the online world have articles. Here is the table of IT related contents:

Prophets, losses and electronic communication
Tim Bulkeley

Technology and incarnation
Gavin Drew

Technology In Worship
Tim Page

Co-authoring Christianity
Steve Taylor

Praying with machines: religious dreaming in cyberspace
Stephen Garner

Pulp-it: Missions and IT
Rob Kilpatrick

Blogging: report from a grassroots revival
Tim Bednar

Studying the bible for free
Michael Hanson

The SMACA e-zine
Brendan Boughen

Hypertext Bible Commentary and Encyclopaedia
Tim Bulkeley

Wrestling texts: hypertext and biblical studies
Kirsten Abbott

Heave a sigh of relief, and if you read it do let me know what you think!

Sunday, August 22, 2004
Biblical studies glossary::

Paul at Deinde has built up a useful and fairly large Biblical Studies Glossary. This is a really useful resource. Ideal for students stuck on a word or term! (Thanks to Mark for pointing it out.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Tim B and the Wisdom of Crowds::

Tim Bednar (e-Church) has got all excited by the Wisdom of Crowds idea and is talking of a new website. Based round his "We Know More than our Pastors" thoughts about participatory church. The only trouble: he is talking of calling it "We Know More".

I'd go with a different name, "we know more" takes the worst problem with "we know more than our pastors" - its potential to sound arrogant, and exagerates it...

How about "Small People Loosely Joined"* that describes most of us - you could even quote Paul to the Corrinthians as the inspiration!

PS. On second thoughts, maybe something more like "Small people being joined" would be better... Needs more thought...

* With no apologies to the Real Small Peices...
(I tried to post this as a comment on e-church, but the coments feature seems to be down...??)

Monday, August 16, 2004
Wrestling with Jacob::

Last year I had great fun teaching a postgraduate group with the theme of Bible and Electronic Media. Inevitably, with my interests there was a strong focus on hypertext. The final project required the students to produce a biblical studies resource in an electronic medium.

All the students rose to the challenge well. Even though none had any exerience of writing for the web etc. before the class.

The best of the projects, Kirsten Abbott's website devoted to the pericope from the end of Genesis 32, where Jacob wrestles with an adversary at the Jabbok, is now online at It is well worth a look. I would also appreciate your comments, suggestions and ideas. I really hopoe to teach other such groups in future!

As well as the projects this course excited me because of the stimulating discussion of the issues around doing Biblical Studies in an electronic environment.

As well as the use of hypertext to destabilise our desire for one "best" reading, I enjoyed the way Kirsten has used the image and the colour scheme to enhance the presentation. You will also get a feel for the care and creativity she has taken with the site design.

I am still hoping that others from the class may find the time to polish their presentations and put them online for all to see. (But spare a thought for them as most of them are now entering the last months of their thesis!

Saturday, August 14, 2004
Ruth and Carey+ in Nelson::

Since running off to Europe for AIBI life has been hectic, trying to catch up the lost two weeks at the start of the senester. However, here I am in sunny (by comparison to Auckland) Nelson. Paul and I are doing a Carey+ here. Carey+ is a chance to present serious study to "ordinary" people in ordinary churches across the country. (So ADVERTISERS MESSAGE: if you live in NZ and would like a couple of Carey lecturers to run seminars near you - just ask!)

I did Shouting Stones - a picture show trying to show how geography and archaeology can make the Old Testament come alive - last night. Tonight I do Ruth. Today Paul is doing his film and mission thing...

By happy coincidence I've nearly finished my Notes on Ruth to match the existing Jonah material. I've still some tidying up to do, and lots of polishing, but it is a start...

Hopefully this post will also break my writers block and there will be more and more interesting posts to follow...

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