Friday, April 10, 2009
  Email attachment woes: a cure
When I upgraded from Pegasus to Thunderbird as my email client the one thing I really really missed was the neat way Pegasus would look for words or parts of words like "attach", "enclose", "file" and ask me "Did you mean to have an attachment?" if there was no attached file.

Now Lifehacker mentioned an addin for Outlook users to achieve the same thing. In the comments I found that there is one for Thunderbird.

So, missing attachments should no be (almost) a thing of the past, again, here in the future! I've seen the future and at last it works - as well as the past ;)

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Saturday, February 02, 2008
  Thank you Cory Doctorow
is one of those cool suave webby names I have always wanted to mention in a post, I have also been very busy clearing stuff I might not need from my hard-drive so that (a) I can defrag it before we go away and (b) so that there is more than 10GB free to store all the video and photos we expect to take. I was stuck at 24.7GB free (about 3x what I started with, so no mean feat) when I read this post: "HOWTO Get a load of hard-disk space back" by Cory D on BoingBoing. Just go File | Compact Folders in Thunderbird, and Presto! I now have 27.5GB free and extra 2-3GB in a couple of minutes. And even better according to commenter Frumious

There is a setting to compact space automatically.

Look under prefs->advanced->network & disk space

Then click the 'compact folders when it will save over _____ KB' checkbox.

Adjust the numerical value as desired.
The brilliance just got better, I may not have to remember to "compress" ever again.

By the way, I am trying out BlipTV as a place to store the videos, I have uploaded some trials to The World of the Old Testament, of course the interviews with theology students and teachers in Sri Lanka will go on Wordpress, who have just upped the free storage to 3GB, what good timing!

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Friday, May 04, 2007
  E-mail lunacy
Mark Nichols has a post E-mail bankruptcy in which he comments briefly on the Stuff item on email bankruptcy. Like me Mark tries to keep his inbox clear, he writes:
I feel uneasy if I have to scroll down to see the entire contents of my inbox
when this happens (often!) I don't just feel "uneasy" I feel pressured and over-worked! But look at the cause. It is not the emails that need a quick simple answer - unless I am very busy they get it. It is not the emails that require deep thought - if they are interesting and stimulating they get it. It is the 50 or so emails every day that I have to move across to storage - unread, or delete. They come from colleagues, often from "authorities". They fall into several recognisable and preventable classes. Such as:
  • repeats (why do three different people all feel they need to tell me about the same conference?)
  • rubbish from my viewpoint - though important to the sender (it was a conference on a topic that they find inspiring but makes me yawn!)
  • overkill (people who think I need to read about everything or I'll feel left out)
  • "entertainment" (how many cute cat videos do you really think I want to watch - your humour in my inbox just makes me angry!)
  • ... etc...
Looking at the list it's clear. If people in institutions would focus, either create nuanced email lists (instead of one "all staff" one) and then think for a while about who is likely to be really interested in this, or needs, really needs to know it, a lot would be gone. If only I could charge the senders 20 cents an email my box would be clear, because "they" would think twice.

And that's the sad part, it is mainly colleagues who produce this tidal wave of quasi-Spam. After all if they weren't colleagues, friends or bosses I'd have labeled mail from their addresses Junk and got it redirected to the Spam box long ago.

Even more sadly the culprits will never read this, they are not technically literate enough to subscribe to an RSS feed, that's why they have neither cottoned on that I delete half their mails, nor that less is more when it comes to communication.

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